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Septic Services


Highlights of an
end-to-end installation with new tank and replacement septic bed

Septic system troubleshooting

We can quickly identify the source of the problem with an on site visit. Usually this requires some amount of digging as you can appreciate all these parts are underground, however we always try to keep disruption to a minimum. Once we diagnose the problem we can provide you the options to resolve it, and recommend the best course of action.

Test pit excavation

If we find a new or replacement septic bed is necessary we will dig a test pit, about 10 feet deep, which gives a good indication of the type of soil we will be working with. This is critical to designing the size, slope, and materials that will be needed for the new bed for the most effective and efficient disbursement in your environment.

Septic system design

In order to design a septic system to service your property efficiently we require information about the property and dwelling. Information such as lot plans, well location/type/depth, housing square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and number of "fixture units" are needed. Fixture units are pieces which use water such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc. With this information we design the optimal septic system customized for your property. We provide a formal design report with drawings and specifications that meet township permit requirements. The design we deliver is yours, you are not committed to us in any way and in fact can choose any company you wish to perform the installation. In any case we offer a money-back guarantee that our design will be approved, and will gladly deal with the township if they have any questions or concerns.

End-to-end septic system installation

Upon receiving the township approvals we look after all the tasks to implement the new system. We obtain and deliver the new tank (if needed), dig the septic bed according to the design, put in certified filter sand and/or other applicable drainage materials, then fill in over top of these areas with top soil and sod. Each township has its own rules, most require inspections at these stages:

  • Base cut prepared
  • Stone & distribution pipe installed
  • Tanks installed and connection
  • Completion of system

These inspections are of course in your best interest, ensuring that the system is being installed according to the approved design. We deal directly with the township to arrange the inspections and make any corrections or alterations they request, you don't need to worry about a thing.

Septic tank locating and opening

You may need your septic tank located when planning to build or work on your property. As well when you need your septic tank pumped the pumping company may require that the tank be opened and ready for them. We can locate the tank, uncover it, then recover it when the pumping is completed.

Septic repairs

When you are having septic troubles we always hope to find that a particular piece can be repaired or replaced to fix the problem, such as a broken pipe, lid, effluent ejection pump, blocked baffle, or saturated bed. Whenever possible we identify if repair or replacement of the component can do the trick, e.g. septic pump repair versus replacement, and are happy to do just that with the minimum disruption and cost to you.

Proactive improvements and preventative maintenance

We can suggest improvements to older or poorly performing systems, and preventative maintenance to avoid future problems. It is beneficial to you to assess even minor problems as soon as they occur - the earlier a problem or potential problem can be caught, the lower cost and easier for you in the long run. Check out the free septic advice offered on the Tips page to avoid future problems.

Septic inspection reports

We provide professional reports and drawings you may require for real estate transactions, or when planning landscaping or property enhancements.