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Excavation Services


Examples of our excavation services...

Septic bed excavation






Our excavation services

Our services can be quoted by the job or by the hour. We can include bringing in and hauling out material. We have versatile machines that easily work in small spaces with tight access, as well as large areas. Digging and excavation usually requires a pre-inspection map out where underground cables may be - electric, gas, water, cable, phone, etc. We look after engaging the proper utility companies to locate existing underground cables, to maximize safety and minimize distruption.

Lot clearing and site preparation

We will help to clear lots and prepare sites for building basements, foundations, driveways, parking lots, etc. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Demolition of walls or out-buildings
  • Digging, leveling, removing soil 
  • Rough grading - which involves work such as clearing of concrete litter after base construction, backfilling trenches and holes, removing or leveling leftover piles of sand and material around the structure to provide level working surface for final construction

Underground utility installation and repair

We are experienced in the installation, replacement, and repair of:

Foundation waterproofing

Excavation to dig out the area to gain access to the affected parts of the foundation, application of waterproofing materials to avoid further leakage, and filling the area back in. Please contact us for details or questions about your specific needs.

Landscape, drainage, and trenching solutions

Final grading for landscaping and drainage. This may include yard drains, culverts, or trenching to control water flow.