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Septic Problems?


Wet area over pipe from house

Soggy grass around septic tank or bed

Backup from header pipe to bed

Tree roots clogging pipes

Are you experiencing any of these common signs of septic problems? If so your system may need help!

Common signs of problems are:

  • Wet area where the pipe comes out from the house
  • Unusually green or thick grass, or lush plant growth around the septic tank or septic bed*
  • Sogginess, mushy ground, surface flooding, or standing water around the septic tank or bed
  • Grass that is spongy when you walk on it
  • Toilets, drains, or sinks that are backed up or drain slowly especially after a rain
  • Drains that will not clear even with drain clearing products or plunger
  • Water backup into the basement
  • Gurgling drains
  • Foul sewage odours in the house, yard, or even drinking water
  • High levels of bacteria, nitrates, or other contaminents in well water
  • Dosing pump which runs continuously or not at all (not all systems have one, some use a pump to lift liquid waste to the septic bed)
  • Alarm signals (lights or bells) on special treatment units 
  • Aquatic weeds or algae, if you live near a lake or pond
  • Increase in infections or illness associated with swimming in lakes or rivers next to the system
  • Water falling back into the tank from the bed, while the tank is being pumped out

* Note - the area where the septic tank drains out to is referred to by several names - septic bed, leaching bed, drainage bed, tile bed, filter bed, drain field, septic field, sewage system, on-site septic system, or other terms. Simply, this means the area that the septic tank drains out to, responsible for dissipation of the waste.

If you are noticing any of the common signs above, there could be a problem with a part of the system. For example the pipe going from the house to the septic tank, the header pipe from the septic tank going out to the septic bed, or other components such as pumps, filters, and lids. Or there could be a problem with the bed itself. We focus on the least intrusive and least costly solutions first; our goal is to solve your problem with repair or a replacement part whenever possible.